Looking at Clutter

Clutter is the enemy that holds them prisoner in a home that no longer suits their needs.

Sunday May 17th, 2020


Of frequent concern to downsizing homeowners is the task of decluttering. It’s often described as “overwhelming,” mainly because people are unsure where to start. The physical work involved seems daunting, and the potential emotional upheaval unpleasant, so many homeowners reluctantly decide to stay put rather than face it. They push off dealing with it until, “Some day....” Clutter is the enemy that holds them prisoner in a home that no longer suits their needs.

The truth is that being defeated by clutter is costly! Much has been written lately about the psychological cost of living in a cluttered environment; how it’s linked to depression, obesity and sleep dysfunction. Efficiency experts know that clutter wastes valuable time, and that the average person spends one year of their lives finding lost items! Financially, too, clutter racks up the costs of buying duplicate items, paying

for storage solutions, and most saliently, maintaining households larger than needed to store the surplus stuff. There are 2.2 million empty bedrooms in the GTA, and 70% of seniors are over-housed. Why? To store their stuff!

Part of deciding to declutter involves recognizing:

a) you have surplus belongings; and

b) that this surplus is presenting a problem, either now or in the future;

c) you have an emotional, practical or financial obstacle to discarding the surplus.



Which of these “8 Reasons Why” resonates most strongly with you? Notice that for everyone of the eight “reasons” there is a corresponding “reality check” statement that counters it:


Despite our self-defeatist “reasons” there is good news: conquering clutter can be accomplished with a straightforward battle plan. The clutter did not suddenly sneak in uninvited and annex your basement overnight, but gradually accumulated overtime; so too, success will take some time and effort. Studies prove that small increments of dedicated effort over time bring the maximum result.



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