Four Reasons to take care of those Repairs BEFORE selling your home:

Friday Jul 16th, 2021


Four Reasons to take care of those Repairs BEFORE selling your home:   In today’s hot “Seller’s Market” you might be tempted to list your home for sale as is, with items on the to-do list left undone. However, I have four reasons to take care of these repairs before selling your home.       1. Undone repairs will cost you money at the offer table. If Buyer’s see your home as a “fixer-upper” they are likely to... [read more]

Just Bought - 85 The Boardwalk Way #420, Markham

Monday Jun 28th, 2021


  Congratulations to our lovely Buyer client on securing this gorgeous penthouse condo in the coveted "Swan Lake" Community in Markham. We first met our client in 2018 on an in-person "Condo Market Tour" of Markham. At the time, it wasn't quite the right time to downsize, but as soon as it was, they reached out to the SMART Realty Solution Team to start the property search in earnest.   Our client quickly zeroed in on the "Swan Lake"... [read more]

Just Sold - 7 Townsgate Dr. #103, Vaughan

Monday Jun 28th, 2021


    Congratulations to our Sellers on sticking with us to get their price!     Despite several "lowball" offers, we recommended our clients resist settling for a less-than-optimum price and wait for the right buyer.  We're so happy that our persistence, promotion, and patience paid off for them to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars!    Not only did we find our "unicorn" buyer who could see the... [read more]

Four signs its time to Downsize

Friday Jun 25th, 2021


 Four signs its time to Downsize     1. You're spending 80% of your time in only 20% of your house. But paying for 100%! Are you an empty-nester with more house than you need (or want)? If you are like most "Sterling Generation" homeowners, you have an extra 2.2 bedrooms, a finished basement, and a formal dining room that are rarely if ever used. Why pay the taxes and utilities to keep a house that no longer meets your long-term needs?   2.... [read more]

Market Report - May 2021

Wednesday Jun 23rd, 2021


Market Report - May 2021          The historical trend report for York Region dramatically shows the recent increase in property values despite the shut-down of other aspects of the economy due to COVID-19. The temporary downturn in prices at the beginning of the pandemic has been regained, plus more! We have surpassed the peak of the 2017 seller’s market by a fair proportion.         The charts below show the number of sales, the... [read more]

Three things that instantly add value to your Home

Friday Jun 18th, 2021


Three things that instantly add value to your Home   As a Realtor® who works with long-time homeowners, I get asked, “What should I do to increase the resale value of my home?”   My first tip is to declutter. This is free AND it adds value by allowing buyers to actually see what they’re buying, and not be distracted by your stuff. Decluttering also maximizes the sense of spaciousness which also appeals to buyers. After all, most people want to buy the... [read more]

Two things Seniors should look for in a Realtor

Friday Jun 11th, 2021


Two things Seniors should look for in a Realtor®   Downsizing Seniors have a lot of choices when it comes to Realtor®. More than 50,000 in the GTHA to choose from, actually. So how to pick the right Realtor® for Seniors?   First, hire a Realtor® who specializes in working with the 55+ crowd. Boomers, Zoomers and Gen Xers have very different needs, communication preferences, and challenges than their less “experienced” counterparts. Although... [read more]

Aren't Condo Fees Really Expensive?

Friday Apr 16th, 2021


Aren't Condo Fees Really Expensive?   First, "Condominium" refers to a type of ownership and not a style of building. Condo owners buy their individual units plus pay a portion of the cost associated with running the common areas. Whether buying a condo apartment, townhouse, semi-detached or detached, new construction, or resale. Downsizing Seniors are often attracted to the convenience, affordability, and lifestyle that condo living... [read more]

Selling in Spring 2021 just makes good sense!

Tuesday Mar 30th, 2021


Selling in Spring 2021 just makes good sense!   Most people know that Spring is a great time to consider selling your home, and this year is no exception. Let me give you my top reasons why selling in Spring 2021 just makes good sense. 1. Not enough homes for sale There are simply not enough properties for sale to meet buyer demand. This means that when new properties are listed, they usually sell very quickly, and sometimes for an over-the-list price. Many properties... [read more]

You’ve Decided to Sell…Now What?

Wednesday Mar 17th, 2021


You’ve Decided to Sell…Now What? The 3 Major Activities before launching to the MLS*     You’ve decided to sell your house - terrific! But now you’re probably asking, “What’s next?”   Here’s what to expect when you hire the SMART Realty Solutions Team:   1. Listing Agreement documents are signed.   We provide all our clients with a plain English version of all contracts in our... [read more]

Top 5 Signs it's Time to Downsize

Thursday Feb 18th, 2021


 Top 5 Signs it's Time to Downsize Homeowners ask me, "How do know it's time to downsize?" Although every situation is different, there are some common indicators that moving houses might be in order. Here are my "Top 5 Signs it's Time to Downsize." 1. You're spending 80% of your time in only 20% of your house. Are you an empty-nester with more house than you need (or want)? If you are like most... [read more]

Five Reasons Townhouses are the PERFECT Transition Property

Thursday Feb 18th, 2021


Five Reasons Townhouses are the PERFECT Transition Property   between Detached Houses and Condo Apartments    Townhouses are the unsung hero of the real estate market. They offer convenience, affordability, and a variety of lifestyle options that make them perfect for the downsizing senior or the condo owner ready for a move up.     1. Townhouses can be freehold. Like detached houses, townhouses can be freehold, meaning there are no... [read more]

What Renovations should I do to Sell my Home?

Thursday Jan 14th, 2021


What Renovations should I do to Sell my Home?          Homeowners thinking of selling frequently ask me what renovations they should do before selling to ensure the highest sale price. “Should we replace the carpet on the stairs? What about the ducky wallpaper border in the family room?” Or, “How about a new granite kitchen?” But before you lift a hammer, or pay someone else to, here’s my Top 5 Best Renos for... [read more]

“2 Weeks 2 Market” Concierge Service

Thursday Jan 14th, 2021


SMART Realty Solutions announces new “2 Weeks 2 Market” Concierge Service       Do you (or anyone you know) really want to sell your home but are completely overwhelmed by all that’s involved?   SMART Realty Solutions' "2 Weeks 2 Market" Concierge Service takes the work out of selling.     Week One: We get your home ready for sale:     As real estate Marketing Experts, we know that... [read more]

Five Reason to Sell your Home in Winter

Monday Jan 11th, 2021


Five Reason to Sell your Home in Winter        Most people are familiar with the seasonal nature of the real estate market. The proverbial “Spring Market” is fast approaching but there are some solid reasons to consider listing your house for sale now, during the so-called, “offseason.”   1. Buyers are serious, motivated, and ready for an opportunity.      Potential buyers who are willing to bundle up, load everyone... [read more]

Identify your Downsizing Motivations Quiz

Thursday Oct 1st, 2020


  From the statements above. Tally up your number from each color to understand  what your Downsizing Motivations are.   What Each Color Represents: Interested in learning more? Register for our Get Ready To Downsize. Reserve your Spot Today!  Click Here to Join! [read more]

Investing in the right places increases home value.

Friday Jul 10th, 2020


  Interested in learning more? Register for our Best Renos for R.O.I Webinar. This is a two-part series that focus' on understanding what Reno projects you should do and which to avoid before the sale of your home. You will be provided with a workbook and resources that will help you better understand the topic. This Webinar is held on the 3rd & 4th Wednesday of every other month from 1:00-2:00 PM via Zoom.  Reserve your Spot... [read more]

Is Staging Worth the Money?

Friday Jun 19th, 2020


Staging is a worthwhile investment: On a $1,000,000 home 50% of Realtors expect to achieve between $10,000 and $200,000 difference! Would you spend $2000 to make $20,000? Before & After: Simplify and brighten the living room with lighter paint and furniture, expose the handsome windows, and remove more personal items for a fresh contemporary look. Staging helps your home to stand out from the crowd. It ensures that your home is shown in its... [read more]

Why is Staging Necessary for Homeowners considering selling?

Friday Jun 12th, 2020


Staging is done just before a house is listed for sale. It strives to transform the property so that it photographs well, and can be presented at it's best in a variety of visual marketing formats. At it’s most successful, staging creates the “wow effect” that motivates potential buyers to leave their homes and come visit yours! Staging can mean renting a house full of furniture and/or accessories, but it does not always have to be that... [read more]

Is this the right time to consider downsizing?

Friday Jun 5th, 2020


You’re reading this because either your home has become more of a burden than a blessing, or you anticipate the time when that will be the case. You wonder whether its time to start planning to downsize? This is commendable because the truth is everyone will eventually downsize. It is simply a matter of under what circumstances and who will be calling the shots. Will you downsize proactively in order to realize retirement dreams or will you downsize reactively because of a crisis... [read more]

To Make the Strategic Decision whether to Renovate, you must consider the Buyer.

Friday May 22nd, 2020


Deciding what improvements to do to before selling your home is the second most frequently cited challenge after decluttering that downsizers mention. Should you sink thousands (or tens of thousands!) into renovations in the hope that their house will fetch a higher sale price? Where is the best place to spend that money? What can be done on a limited budget? “What about free improvements, we really like those!” While there are some things that should be taken care of,... [read more]

Clutter is the enemy that holds them prisoner in a home that no longer suits their needs.

Sunday May 17th, 2020

Looking at Clutter

Of frequent concern to downsizing homeowners is the task of decluttering. It’s often described as “overwhelming,” mainly because people are unsure where to start. The physical work involved seems daunting, and the potential emotional upheaval unpleasant, so many homeowners reluctantly decide to stay put rather than face it. They push off dealing with it until, “Some day....” Clutter is the enemy that holds them prisoner in a home that no longer suits their... [read more]

Seller Strategies: Why do some Home Sell

Friday Oct 19th, 2018


Why do some Home Sell While others Sit…and Sit…and….   You’ve no doubt noticed that some homes come to market and BAM! they are SOLD in days or a few weeks while others just stagnate on the market. Why? And what can you do to make sure your home sells in a timely manner? First, properties that do not sell all have one thing in common: they are overpriced. The buying public has seen, evaluated and moved on. Veni, vidi, verti. From their point of... [read more]

Is Clutter Holding You Captive?

Monday Sep 24th, 2018


You want to downsize, you know you should downsize, yet you delay. Why? You have a bad case of “affluenza,” or too much stuff to sort through, dispose of, and pack upbefore you move.It can seem overwhelming! And more than any other issue affecting long-term homeowners, the abundance of STUFF holds would-be downsizers captive.That’s the diagnosis, but what is the remedy? It’s simple (but not easy): T.O.T. or “Time on Task.” Your commitment to set aside a... [read more]

How’s the Market?

Thursday Aug 30th, 2018


The news has been filled with sensational and often-contradictory headlines regarding the real estate market. While it is certain that the sky-high prices of 2017 are no longer the reality, buyers and sellers alike are left wondering what’s ahead. The answer depends greatly on the product, the price range and the neighbourhood. There is not one market to speak of. Detached homes vs condos, the 416 vs the 905, and under or over $1,000,000 -- all have different market forecasts.... [read more]

Curb Appeal: Make a Great First Impression!

Wednesday Aug 15th, 2018


So, you want to sell your house. Sure, you’ve been cleaning, fixing and staging your house to impress buyers, but here’s a reality check: by the time they walk through your door, it might already be too late. Remember the law of first impressions: you never get a second chance to make one. Maximizing your home’s curb appeal is a critical step to instantly grabbing the buyers’ attention. Put yourself in the place of someone who’s never seen your... [read more]

Know your Worth Before you Sell

Thursday Aug 9th, 2018


It is important to have an idea of what your home may sell for before you make any decisions. When you sell, you want to get as much value as you can for your home. So you might want to consider the timing of the sale because it definitely has an effect on the value. You don’t want to sell when it’s a “buyer’s market,” when too many homes are for sale and there are not enough buyers. Seasonality is something to consider as well because typically more homes... [read more]

Thinking About Trading Down in Home Size?

Monday Jul 23rd, 2018


          Moving into a smaller home may feel like a step down, but a closer look reveals quite a few upsides: saving money, saving time and having less clutter in your life. Advantages of Home Downsizing: Increased Cash Flow. If you're spending less on your mortgage payment, you are likely to have money left over every month to allocate for other needs or desires. Or perhaps you could pay cash for a smaller home from the proceeds of your... [read more]


Thursday Jul 19th, 2018


Expertly staging your house could be the difference between whether or not a buyer is captivated by your house. Here are six ways to make sure that your house makes an outstanding impression and is staged for success: Store Personal Items: As your real estate team, our goal is to make sure your house appeals to the largest segment of likely buyers in order to secure the best possible price. In order to do this, it's important to make sure the buyer can picture themselves in... [read more]

Pros and Cons of Lifestyle Communities

Monday Jul 16th, 2018


 Today, there is a much broader continuum of possibilities and options for seniors who want to live in a more communal setting. Today’s “retirement villages” offer co-housing for seniors who want to save on living expenses by living with smaller apartment homes and larger shared public spaces, or gradually increasing the level of assisted living help and medical care that is available onsite at the home. It’s possible to retire and move into a... [read more]

How condo maintenance fees are calculated and spent

Tuesday Jul 10th, 2018


There are more than 2,500 registered condominium corporations in the City of Toronto. While those condominiums may range from skyscrapers made up of apartment-style units to blocks of townhouses, one thing that every condominium corporation has in common is the obligation for unit owners to pay common expenses. Maintenance fees will often be several hundred dollars per month or more, so unit owners want to know how are they're calculated and how they're... [read more]

Instant Low-Cost Home Updates

Friday Jul 6th, 2018


Keep Your Home Current with Small Investments 1. Curb-Appeal Kick that rusted mailbox and ragged welcome mat to the curb! Add a splash of colour with a pimento-red or teal-blue front door. A new door-knocker adds class. Small changes make a big impact.   2. Lighting Think "bling" for today's interior lighting choices. Co-ordinate  chic chandeliers in Master & ensuite. Exterior lighting should be... [read more]

Preparing for Your Next Home

Tuesday Jul 3rd, 2018


One of the biggest choices many older homeowners will face when deciding to downsize is choosing to sell and rent or sell and buy a smaller home. Empty nesters are thinking, “ Our 5-bedrooms house is to big for us now, not to mention the money drain. It’s time to move.” Downsizing retires should take some time to compare all of the options before making a final decision. Given that housing can be your single greatest monthly expense, it pays to put some thought... [read more]

Painting Your Home for Profit

Tuesday Jun 26th, 2018


  We all know a little staging or sprucing up can go a long way when you’re trying to sell your home. One way to make a big transformation easily is with paint. Here are some insider tips on how to use paint to stage a home for selling! 1. Buyers get a feeling as soon as they pull up to the curb.That’s why it’s essential that your house exterior looks its best. Your driveways, walkways and landscaping should be tidy and well-kept. Your front... [read more]

Reno's with R.O.I.

Monday Jun 11th, 2018


Looking to increase your home's property value? Here are four of the best renovations you can do to your home to increase property value. These four renovations can sometimes have a return on investment 5-6 times what they cost. When considering any renovation it is important to first determine the R.O.I. (Return on Investment.) Spending more may not necessarily net you more. Plan carefully and make each dollar count! [read more]

The Significance of Outdoor Staging

Tuesday Jun 5th, 2018


For many home buyers, the outdoor area of a home is just as important as the interior. Lots of people love to entertain outside or just relax out there. That’s why it’s important to make your home’s outdoor spaces appealing to buyers to help you sell it faster. Staging outdoor spaces has never been more important than it is now. By creating a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor living spaces, you not only increase the value of... [read more]

Timing The Market...Is It Even Possible?

Friday Jun 1st, 2018


It may have been a while since you last sold a property, or perhaps even you have never sold. Regardless of your experience level, one elusive seller “holy grail” remains the notion of timing the market. This is particularly of interest now that the real estate market has returned to something closer to a “balanced market.”    So the question remains, can you time the Market to maximize your sale price?    No one can say for certain what... [read more]