Is this the right time to consider downsizing?

Friday Jun 05th, 2020


You’re reading this because either your home has become more of a burden than a blessing, or you anticipate the time when that will be the case. You wonder whether its time to start planning to downsize? This is commendable because the truth is everyone will eventually downsize. It is simply a matter of under what circumstances and who will be calling the shots. Will you downsize proactively in order to realize retirement dreams or will you downsize reactively because of a crisis in health or finances? Will you be in the driver’s seat of the decision-making or will someone else or the situation dictate what must be done? The purpose of this guide is to give you the resources and tools so that when the time is right you’ll be informed and equipped to take the direction that you’ve decided.

There are many facets to downsizing - physical emotional, financial, practical - and understanding your motivations will help you make decisions that satisfy your needs in each aspect of this process. It’s important to know that there are no right or wrong motivations; your motivations are simply a reflection of your values, i.e.: what’s important to you. Once you know what is driving your journey to downsizing, then the final destination is easier to imagine.

Take for example the following scale. Where would you place yourself at this time between the poles of Freedom and Stability:

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