Three things that instantly add value to your Home

Friday Jun 18th, 2021


Three things that instantly add value to your Home

As a Realtor® who works with long-time homeowners, I get asked, “What should I do to increase the resale value of my home?”


My first tip is to declutter. This is free AND it adds value by allowing buyers to actually see what they’re buying, and not be distracted by your stuff. Decluttering also maximizes the sense of spaciousness which also appeals to buyers. After all, most people want to buy the biggest home they can afford. By reducing the amount of furniture and personal belongings on display, decluttering helps your home have broader appeal. It is the first, and arguably most important, step in preparing your home to sell for the highest value. 

#2. Paint. Not cheap or easy, but the best bang for the buck. Neutral, “builders beige” creates bright spaces that buyers love and are willing to pay more for. Painting instantly updates and refreshes both the interior and exterior of your home. Buyers are more likely to purchase a home that they deem “move-in ready,” and new paint goes a long way in creating that impression. Focus on lightening up the main floor if tackling the whole house seems too daunting. And best to keep trim, ceilings, and doors white whenever possible. 

The third thing to instantly add value to your home is enhanced curb appeal. Tidy gardens, refresh the front door, clean the windows so that buyers have a positive first impression. Create a welcoming entrance with urns of colourful plants, a new front door mat, and a shiny new mailbox. Your efforts will pay off big time!

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