Senior-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas that Won’t Add to Clutter

Wednesday Nov 10th, 2021


Senior-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas that Won’t Add to Clutter



Buying holiday gifts for the special Senior in your life who seems literally to have it all already can be a challenge, especially if you know downsizing is in their future. The last thing you want to do is add to clutter, a.k.a. the gift that keeps on giving.


So how can you spread holiday cheer without spreading clutter? Think of these clutter-free categories to find the perfect, personal gift to show your Senior you care:


A.    Consumable Gift Ideas:

            - Gourmet Coffee or Tea baskets

            - Potent Potables of their favourite variety

            - Luxury Chocolates or other bespoke candy

            - Monthly Flower subscriptions bring cheer year round

            - Family Photo Calendar personalized with important dates

            - BBQ Meat subscription - yes, it’s a thing!


B.    Home-made Gifts:

            - Frozen soups or casseroles make a welcome break

            - Sugar Cookies “decorated” by the grandkids

            - Layered Cookie Mixes, Hot Cocoa Mixes, Soup Mixes in a Mason Jar

            - “Mixology” Gift Basket with holiday cocktail ingredients & recipe

            - Pamper Pack curated collection of their favourite lotion, candle and snacks


C.    Acts of Service Certificates:

            - Digitizing their VHS, Slides or Photo Albums

            - Gift Cards for “Geek Squad” or other computer services

            - Coupon for seasonal garden clean up by you or the pros

            - Loading their phone or iPad with an Audiobook subscription

            - Gift Certificate for a professional organizer


D.    Tickets to Experiences:

            - Gift Certificate to Spa Day (maybe for the two of you?)

            - Tickets to Sporting Events

            - Support the local arts community with Theatre, Concert or Comedy Club tickets

            - “Staycation” hotel room for the weekend to use facilities, have brunch

            - Personal Trainer for Seniors sessions

            - Lessons to start a new hobby: guitar, watercolour, golf, language

Of course, the most precious gift you can give the Seniors in your life is your presence. Time with loved ones has been in short supply over the last several months. If recent history has taught us anything, it’s that making happy memories and not acquiring more things is the key to holiday cheer no matter the season.



Sharon Parenteau, MA SRES ASA is a Realtor* Specializing in Downsizing Seniors 55+. Explore her website for a wide range of free downloadable resources and upcoming community seminars. She is a proud member of the Richmond Hill Board of Trade and long-time resident of Richmond Hill.

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