From a Woman's Perspective: February 17th, 2024

Friday Feb 16th, 2024


"Concierge” Real Estate Explained


Good morning, Marilyn. Chances are every listener remembers moving house at least once. Maybe it was as a newlywed, and friends from college did the heavy lifting for pizza and beer. Or maybe it was to your first home with a yard and room to grow a family. Or maybe you’ve always enjoyed the single life, so the work of moving fell much more on your shoulders. 

Whatever your experience moving, it’s safe to say that it wasn’t a lot of fun. There is all the effort of packing up, the million micro decisions along the way, and the responsibilities of hiring movers, transferring utilities, then getting unpacked and sorted out in your new home. Whew! It’s exhausting me just to think about it.

Now add on top of all that the stress of actually listing and selling your home, and you can totally understand why no one is in a hurry to undertake this endeavor! Especially not seniors.

One of our service promises at SMART Realty Solutions is, “No heavy lifting.” And yes, this does mean that we will take over much of the hard physical work of preparing your home for sale; but it means much more than that, too. 

We also take over the mentally hard work of organizing all the “moving parts” (pun intended) of your downsizing journey. In providing Concierge Real Estate services, SMART Realty Solutions starts with an in-home consultation, then creates a tailor-made plan, and coordinates all secondary service providers to get your home market ready. Need “boots on the ground” help with packing and purging? We’ve got it! Need a handyman to finish that “honey-do” list that’s been nagging you for years? We’ve got it! What about someone to freshen up the garden beds or power wash your deck? Got those, too!

Once your home has sold and your moving date is approaching, we continue to support our sellers by liaising with lawyers, move management companies, and can even help you source contractors if your new place needs some improvement. 

Think of the level of service you receive at a nice hotel. The concierge there has all the local resources to make your stay enjoyable. It’s actually their job to make your experience the best it can be. So too at SMART Realty Solutions. Except, unlike an expensive hotel, home sellers who hire our team do not pay extra. We charge industry standard rates, and provide all of Concierge services at no premium. 

We want to work for you to create positive outcomes, like getting sellers the highest price in the quickest time, but even more importantly, we want you to have a 5-star experience along the way.

It all starts with just one phone call to Sharon at SMART Realty Solutions, 416-460-5636. You can also contact me through our website, While you’re there, feel free to request any one of our free, downloadable guides for seniors. 

And if you’re not quite ready to downsize yet, chances are you know someone who is. Please pass along our name and contact information to them. They’ll be happy you did.


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