Top 5 Signs it's Time to Downsize

Thursday Feb 18th, 2021


 Top 5 Signs it's Time to Downsize

Homeowners ask me, "How do know it's time to downsize?" Although every situation is different, there are some common indicators that moving houses might be in order.

Here are my "Top 5 Signs it's Time to Downsize."

1. You're spending 80% of your time in only 20% of your house.
Are you an empty-nester with more house than you need (or want)? If you are like most "Sterling Generation" homeowners, you have an extra 2.2 bedrooms, a finished basement, and formal dining room that are rarely if ever used. Why pay the taxes and utilities to keep a house that no longer meets your long-term needs?

2. Big-ticket Repairs are deferred because they're too expensive.
As the biggest asset in your portfolio, your home nonetheless needs periodic updates and repairs to maintain its value. If you find yourself having to delay necessary repairs to necessities like furnace, roof or windows due to their expense, this might be a sign that it's time to sell your big house, move to a more affordable property type like a condo, and bank the rest. The difference between what you sell for and what you buy can be hundreds of thousands of dollars!

3. Maintenance is becoming a burden.
If you're at the stage where you have to hire out exterior maintenance, like snow shoveling and grass cutting, as well as interior maintenance, like cleaning and painting, it might be time to downsize. There are many maintenance-free options available to purchase or rent. Speak to us today about ready-made solutions for a carefree retirement.

4. You're finding the stairs increasingly difficult to navigate.
Whether condo apartments, bungalows, or one-level townhouses, you do not have to live with the challenge and potential danger of stairs. Finding appropriate long-term age-in-place properties can also include fully accessible features like wider doorways, grab bars, low-pile carpeting, and ground floor units that do not require elevator use. Your safety and peace of mind are top priorities!

5. You'd like the freedom to pursue activities other than taking care of a house.
Bills, maintenance, upgrades -- all cost time and money, and effort. If your home is becoming more of a burden than a blessing, it might be a sign that it's time to downsize. You've earned the freedom to travel, pursue hobbies, and invest in relationships, all of which can be hindered by owning a home that doesn't fit your goals or lifestyle.

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