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Downsizing Property Options: Not Just Condos


Good morning, Marilyn. Anybody who knows me, knows I love my morning coffee. Recently I was at a Starbucks and the person in front of me was clearly not initiated in the secret code of ordering a coffee from there. “I just want a medium black coffee!” they declared with frustration. There were so many choices, macchiato, latte, venti, grande etc. they were overwhelmed. Some of the options, like a tall half-caff flat white, are likely completely unknown by them. They just wanted a coffee!

This coffee shop encounter reminds me that many of my downsizers feel the same frustration, confusion and uncertainty about their downsizing options. They don’t know where to go next, they just know that the house they’re in isn’t working for them any more. And like the coffee patron encountering the Starbucks menu for the first time, they too are overwhelmed by options, some of which they may not actually know about.

The menu of property options extends well beyond the basic black coffee. That’s why we’ve developed a webinar to outline options we’re sure you’ve never considered. It’s called, “Downsizing Property Options: Not Just Condos” and it’s coming up this Wednesday at 2 pm. I’ll share real-world case studies of my clients who chose to sell their oversized family homes and move to new residences that better suited their financial, wellness and lifestyle needs. We’ll cover not only the various property options, but also the possible financial implications of each, as well as analyze the pros and cons they each present. 

And yes, condos feature prominently in many client’s decision-making. But as mentioned before, a condominium is a method of ownership, not a type of building, so some have moved to typical condo apartments, but also condo townhouses, and condo bungalows. Some have pulled up stakes completely and moved out of the GTA where their purchasing power is a lot greater, leaving them more money in their retirement “freedom fund.” Other clients have opted for a private rental, and they have maximum financial and personal flexibility with none of the responsibilities of home ownership. A few clients have opted for a “life lease” (gold star if any of your listeners know what that is, Marilyn!) And finally, some of my clients decide to move to a retirement community - but even these have a wide array of options, ranging from completely independent suites with full kitchens and insuite laundry, to assisted living units. 

The decision to downsize isn’t an easy one, but our goal at SMART Realty Solutions is to educate, equip and empower our future clients so that when the time is right for them, they can make the best decision possible. If you’re just at the information-gathering stage of downsizing, then I strongly recommend you register for our webinar, “Downsizing Property Options: Not Just Condos,” by visiting our website, 

Or maybe you’re like the coffee patron who knows what they want, but aren’t sure how to get it.

SMART Realty Solutions to the rescue! Not only will we meet with you to create a personalized downsizing plan, we’ll lay out all the downsizing property options so you can select which direction you’d like to explore. Then, we’ll accompany you on the journey and protect you from potential pitfalls as we navigate the selling and buying process together. Along the way, we’ll listen to your needs and dreams, answer your questions, and keep you informed. Once you’ve determined your destination, we’ll coordinate all the steps to get from “a to b.” If you need packers, painters, handyman services or help getting rid of your surplus, we have everyone on our team ready to assist. We’ll stick with you until you’re settled and happy, and you don’t need us anymore. It all starts with a call to 416-460-5636, and speak with me, Sharon.

So whether we liken downsizing to ordering a coffee or taking a journey, the message remains the same: at SMART Realty Solutions we aim to be your trusted advisors, delivering custom concierge real estate services and five-star client experiences.


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