I Really HATE this Word

Wednesday Sep 29th, 2021


I Really HATE this Word


I really hate the word, “Downsizing.” Ok, maybe hate is too powerful but I strongly dislike it because it implies a loss, decline, diminishment and that is not my client’s experience.


When they sell the big family house they talk about freedom. Freedom to do interesting things. Freedom to visit family. And of course, freedom from financial concerns. Virtually all say their only regret is that they didn’t get free from the big house sooner.


In fact, their big, empty home has become a burden. All their equity is tied up and isn’t funding a better quality of life either.  They’ve realized are just so many more interesting things to do with your time and money than maintain a big house just to warehouse your stuff. This realization signals it’s time to get free.    


Hey! That’s what we should call it - “ to Freedom-size”!


If this sounds like you:

  • You’re an empty-nester
  • You’re living in a house bigger than your future needs
  • Maintaining it is a burden, physically and/or financially
  • You long for more FREEDOM


We offer an extensive video library of online workshops designed to help you plan your escape route. ;-) At SMART Realty Solutions, our goal is to help you have a bigger future by having a smaller house.


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