Seller Strategies: Why do some Home Sell

Friday Oct 19th, 2018


Why do some Home Sell
While others Sit…and Sit…and….

You’ve no doubt noticed that some homes come to market and BAM! they are
SOLD in days or a few weeks while others just stagnate on the market. Why?
And what can you do to make sure your home sells in a timely manner?

First, properties that do not sell all have one thing in common: they are
. The buying public has seen, evaluated and moved on. Veni, vidi,
From their point of view, the condition of the home simply does not warrant
the price asked. When selling your home their opinion is the only one that really

Your home is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it! Don’t hire the
Realtor who promises you the highest price, but the one who can back up their
list price with solid research and market knowledge. Ask them to show you their

So what can you to ensure that your home sells within the current average of 4 to
6 weeks? First, make sure your home is meeting buyer expectations. Visit area
open houses to get an idea of current market standards. Today’s buyers want
clean, neutral, decluttered turn-key spaces.

Second, your home absolutely must look good on-line to attract attention. Buyers
want to be able to imagine themselves in their (potential) new home, not have to
edit you out of your old home. Hiring professional staging is recommended. Make
sure your Realtor*TM is using only professional photographs of your home - no cell
phone pictures!

Remember: if your home is not compelling, it won’t be selling.
Our S.M.A.R.T. Marketing Strategy sells homes 55% Faster than the Toronto
Real Estate average. This means smoother transitions for our clients. Our
listings sell while the competition sits! 

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