What Renovations should I do to Sell my Home?

Thursday Jan 14th, 2021


What Renovations should I do to Sell my Home?



     Homeowners thinking of selling frequently ask me what renovations they should do before selling to ensure the highest sale price. “Should we replace the carpet on the stairs? What about the ducky wallpaper border in the family room?” Or, “How about a new granite kitchen?” But before you lift a hammer, or pay someone else to, here’s my Top 5 Best Renos for ROI.



1. Address Deferred Maintenance

     Almost every homeowner has a “Honey Do” list that keeps getting pushed into the future. Before selling your home, anything you know needs maintenance or repair should be addressed. Whether that is leaky faucets, moldy bathroom grout, or burnt out light bulbs, these seemingly small issues can really add up and turn buyer’s off your property.



2. Eliminate Buyer “Red Flags”

     Today’s buyers are carrying heavy mortgage burdens typically, and may not have the money to fix big-ticket items like roof, windows, furnace, plumbing and electrical systems. They would much rather put their money toward cosmetic changes that suit them, rather than to fixing unseen “red flags.” If your home is 20 years or older and has original equipment, you should consider updating since a home inspector will likely point this out and your buyer might request a rebate on the price of the home.



3. Cosmetic Updates with a Neutral palette

     Once mechanical systems and maintenance issues are taken care of, then it’s time to neutralize your colour palette wherever possible. Selling your home is not the time to express your colourful personality! Strong design choices will reduce the appeal of your property. Buyer’s need to be able to see themselves in your home without having to do a ton of work first. This is definitely another case where less is more. (Contact us for colour suggestions.)



4. Focus on the Main Floor

     Main floors sell homes. Buyers evaluate the appropriateness of the main floor as their primary living space. Your effort, money and time should be spent on brightening, lightening, and neutralizing the main floor. This might be done by editing surplus furniture and decor items, eliminating clutter, and improving lighting. Simple changes to the main floor of your home can result in a dramatic increase in its overall appeal.



5. Don’t forget about Curb Appeal

     Speaking of appeal, don’t neglect the outside of your home when preparing to sell. First impressions count! Whether it’s an attractive new door, fresh paint, or even just a splash of colour in garden plantings, enhancing curb appeal sets a positive expectation for the maintenance of the home and its corresponding value in the buyer’s mind. Be sure to leave a bit in the budget for exterior improvements, too.



     For more information on all aspects of renovating your home for resale purposes, plan to join our “Best Renos for ROI” seminar. Colour suggestions, budgeting information, and worksheets are all included in our helpful accompanying

resource booklet.



For more information or to register for “Best Renos for ROI” visit www.smartrealtysolution.com or email sharonparenteau@kw.com .



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