Selling in Spring 2021 just makes good sense!

Tuesday Mar 30th, 2021


Selling in Spring 2021

just makes good sense!


Most people know that Spring is a great time to consider selling your home, and this year is no exception. Let me give you my top reasons why selling in Spring 2021 just makes good sense.

1. Not enough homes for sale

There are simply not enough properties for sale to meet buyer demand. This means that when new properties are listed, they usually sell very quickly, and sometimes for an over-the-list price. Many properties sell with multiple offers. You could literally net tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars more by selling this year compared to previous years.


2. Interest rates are historically low

The low-interest rates are fuelling buyer demand for bigger properties. Many “move up” buyers see this market as an opportunity to buy their dream house (i.e. your house!) while they can still afford to take on more debt. With interest rates poised to increase this Fall, buyers have a sense of urgency this Spring.


3. Better weather makes touring properties more convenient

The balmy days of Spring entice buyers to get out and look at houses. It’s a lot easier to see homes in this weather than it was during winter. Schlepping the kids through a snowstorm is no fun!


4. Your home has better curb appeal

With the trees in bud and the grass getting greener, your home’s exterior is more appealing and more visible. Buyers can actually see your yard, your nice interlock stone walkway, and get a hint of the gardens yet to fully bloom. A few pansies in the flowerbeds add that little pop of colour that wins buyers’ hearts.


5. Buyers are ready to purchase…Now!

Again, thinking like a home buyer for a second, they are ready, preapproved, and eager to buy right away. With properties typically closing in 60 to 90 days, they plan on buying now to be able to enjoy the backyard this summer and get the kids enrolled in their new school for Fall.


So the good news is that buyers are waiting for your home to hit the market. They have the motivation and the means…now they just need you to make the jump.


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