Beauty Queens and The Real Estate Market

Sunday Oct 01st, 2023


By Sharon Parenteau, MA SRES ASA


Have you ever wondered why some homes sell almost immediately, while others sit on the market for weeks, or even months?

There is a new reality that home sellers need to be aware of: inventory is up, days on market are increasing, and buyers have more properties to choose from. The real estate market right now can be likened to a beauty pageant, with only one “winner” selling in each neighbourhood at a time. 

Statistically, homes that don’t sell in the first 21 days are more likely to remain unsold. They are outshone by new listings, and the number of agent showings drops off dramatically after two weeks. That’s why it is critically important your home be “pageant ready” prior to launch. Here are a few simple steps to make it into the seller’s circle.


Top Things Home Sellers can do to Win the Pageant


1. declutter

I cannot stress enough the importance of decluttering your home before sale. Packing and purging the excess is the number one thing you can do to ensure that your property has a competitive edge. It will appear more spacious in photos, it will be more appealing to buyers, and it will allow space for groups to move through your home easily.


2. freshen paint

A new coat of neutral paint in the first-floor living areas will do wonders for both the on-line and in-person attractiveness of your home. The neutral colour allows the home buyer to see your home as “move-in ready,” as opposed to having to immediately paint out stronger colour choices. They are looking for easy and convenient, and this one step can eliminate barriers to buyers choosing your home.


3. ​​​​​​​Deep clean

A thorough, professional cleaning goes a long way in reinforcing the message to buyers that your home has been well maintained over the years. Shiny appliances, sparkling bathrooms, and streak-free windows creates a positive first impression. And nothing beats that “just cleaned” home smell for welcoming prospective buyers.


4. ​​​​​​​professionally stage

Research shows, and my personal experience proves, that staged homes sell more quickly and for higher dollar amounts. Staging helps modern buyers make an emotional connection to your home first when they see it online, motivating them to visit in person. A good stager knows how to focus attention on the best features of your home, and how to elevate its style and value. A chic, coordinated look draws buyers in through your home’s visual appeal.


5. ​​​​​​​pay attention to curb appeal

A warm, welcoming exterior to your home sets the buyer’s expectations for the rest of the property. Making sure the side and front yards are tidy, the garage and front doors are in good condition, and you’ve added a bit of seasonal decor clearly communicates to your buyers that you are ready for them (and their cheque book!) Even when the weather cools, don’t forget to show off outdoor spaces at their best.


Are you interested in a free, no-obligation pre-sale consultation? Email me at and we can schedule a 30-minute meeting to review a personalized plan for your property. I’ll provide you with a report of my top recommendations to get your home ready for sale.

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