Five Reason to Sell your Home in Winter

Monday Jan 11th, 2021


Five Reason to Sell your Home in Winter


     Most people are familiar with the seasonal nature of the real estate market. The proverbial “Spring Market” is fast approaching but there are some solid reasons to consider listing your house for sale now, during the so-called, “offseason.”


1. Buyers are serious, motivated, and ready for an opportunity.

     Potential buyers who are willing to bundle up, load everyone into the car, and come see your property are serious and ready to buy. Likely, they’ve been looking for a while and have their financing arrangements all made. They might even have been outbid a number of times. So when your lovely home comes to market, they are ready to pounce, cheque book in hand!


2. Buyers have more flexible schedules to view properties.

     Even with tight COVID-safety protocols, buyers are eventually going to want to see the home in person. With home-schooling and work pressures returning full-force, there is a lovely holiday-feeling period at the beginning of the year when the pace is relaxed and buyers can contemplate fulfilling their resolution to get into a new (often, bigger) home.


3. There are fewer properties for sale, so less competition.

     There’s a reason why the remaining properties on the market haven’t sold. The potential buyers have voted with their feet! “Not this property, in this condition, at this price.” And given the tightness of the market right now, you have very little if any competition for your sale. This can bring two huge benefits to sellers: high sale price, quick sale time.


4. Year-end can mean job transfers, tax benefits to moving.

     A lot of businesses do a shuffle of human resources at year-end, so out of town buyers are common. Business write-offs and tax credits also can be a factor in hastening buyer timelines. For buyers on the move, there is no time like the present!


5. Allied services are less busy so closings are smoother.

     Whether it is home inspectors, real estate lawyers, or even moving companies, all of the service providers allied with the real estate industry are less busy. This can result in cost savings for both buyers and sellers, and more personalized attention. Smoother closing days are the end result.


Before the uptick in Spring Sellers, Winter sales can result in quick sales at high prices to motivated buyers. 


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