Pin-point Price Analysis

Friday Oct 08th, 2021


Pin-point Price Analysis

Our Exclusive “Triple-Check System” Ensures Accurate Property Evaluation


Knowing the value of your largest asset, your home, is a big part of responsible financial stewardship. And determining the likely selling price of your property is among the most valuable services I can offer as a Realtor.* Too high and the listing sits on the market; too low and the seller can leave money on the table.


My approach is to triple check the home valuation to ensure that I know my price (and can defend it at the negotiation table). I use three different approaches to arrive at a final determination of value, which combined we call our exclusive “Pin-point Price Analysis.”


     1. Neighbourhood Activity Report: This reveals the selling price for homes in a geographic boundary in a given time frame.

  • Quick, easy: instant access
  • Shows all sold prices, lot size and time of sale
  • Does not show the size or condition of the house
  • Establishes neighbourhood trends
  • Ideal for: Everyone regardless of real estate plans.


     2. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA): This report is more specific by comparing only homes that are the same square footage, number of bedrooms, and lot size as yours.

  • Shows a range of values depending on the level of renovation
  • Establishes recent baseline value
  • Shows property sales, days on market, and list-to-sale price
  • Ideal for: Budgeting for renovations or next purchase, 12-24 months.

     3. Pin-point Price Analysis: This report requires a site visit, either in person or via zoom, to gauge how your home relates to the neighbourhood average.

  • Extensive MLS search for current listings and past sales for timely and accurate evaluation
  • Assesses regional, local and neighbourhood trends
  • Evaluates interior condition and makes adjustments for appreciation over time according to TRREB* statistics
  • Provides accurate real-time likely sale price
  • Ideal for: Homeowners considering a sale within 12 months


There is no bigger investment than your home and no better way to keep an eye on its value than requesting any one of our exclusive triple-check property evaluations. And the best part is that this service is always free and without obligation.


Reach out today. You might just be richer than you think.


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