Four Reasons to take care of those Repairs BEFORE selling your home:

Friday Jul 16th, 2021


Four Reasons to take care of those Repairs BEFORE selling your home:


In today’s hot “Seller’s Market” you might be tempted to list your home for sale as is, with items on the to-do list left undone. However, I have four reasons to take care of these repairs before selling your home.


    1. Undone repairs will cost you money at the offer table.

If Buyer’s see your home as a “fixer-upper” they are likely to start discounting dollars from your list price. Maybe because they think yours is a distress sale, or maybe because they are looking for a deal. Either way, be prepared for “low ball” offers if your home’s condition is lacking.


     2. Undone repairs can cost you money even after a conditional offer is accepted.

Not all properties are selling without conditions; especially if undone repairs raise red flags for buyers, they are going to make the sale conditional upon a property inspection. After the report comes in, the buyers’ real estate agent will likely demand a rebate in the agreed-upon sale price to cover the property defects.


Don't let undone Repairs compromise your price negotiations!


    3. Undone repairs might even sabotage your sale entirely sad

When buyers add up the time, money, and effort needed to take care of your deferred maintenance, they might decide your house is too much work and too little value. You’ll never even get a low-ball offer because your potential buyer has voted with their feet. "Not this house, in this condition, at this price!" 


   4. Undone repairs make the other listings in the neighbourhood look good by comparison.

        While yours sits on the market, the houses around you are selling. In fact, you are actually helping the competition! 


In conclusion, homes that present as well-maintained sell faster and for more money even in a hot real estate market.



    Interested in knowing what you should do to increase the resale value of your home?

We have the answers you need


      1. Book an in-person pre-listing consultation

      We’ll do a room-by-room audit report on the “Must Do,” “Should Do,” and “Could Do” items to achieve your highest price.

      click the link to register: FREE in-Person pre-listing Consultation


2. Attend our upcoming webinar, “Best Renos for ROI” where we tell you what today’s buyers want, where to spend your  renovation dollars, and how to make yourself thousands of dollars when selling.

Click the link to register: Best Renos for R.O.I Webinar


     3. Request our accompanying renovations guide book, “Best Renos for ROI” by email or telephone.  

     Email  or call me at 416-460-5636.



Repairs Vs Upgrades


Let's make a crucial distinction between repairs and upgrades or improvements.


Upgrades are optional, discretionary ways in which a homeowner tries to maximize the value of their home. Replacing new, good-condition carpeting with hardwood floors, for example, is an upgrade.


Replacing old, poor condition carpeting is a repair. 


Think of it this way: upgrades can boost the value of your home. Repairs keep your current value from falling. 


Home Selling Repair Checklist:

Make sure to check the following before listing your home


  • Kitchen Appliances 
  • Cabinets & Drawers
  • Sinks & Faucets
  • Bathtubs & Showers
  • Walls & Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Stairs & Handrails
  • HVAC
  • Electrical Panel
  • Water Heater
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Garage Door
  • Exterior Light Fixtures
  • Roof
  • Eaves & Soffit
  • Foundation
  • Drainage

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